Askmen dating after divorce dragonica us dating system

There is also an uptick in social activities where people are out mingling more.

“It’s easier for cheating husbands and boyfriends to initiate a quick fling, or a short-term love affair because summer offers more opportunities to stray," the Examiner reported.

People who come from broken homes, are depressed or suffer from bipolar disorder may cheat.

If your partner loves drama and excitement, they may be attracted to cheating because of the adrenalin ride.

Everything looked so perfect on the outside and they were seemingly the perfect couple. Relationship expert Bree Maresca-Kramer offered insight. They allowed their relationship to become robotic or business-like and "they let go of the intimacy, the passion, the romance and the connection, which is easy to do.

If this means cheating--then they might contemplate it depending on their history.

Men are statistically better than women at identifying infidelity! "Throw in unhealthy doses of jealousy and suspicion, and men are almost assured of being better cheating-detectors," reported.

This has been programmed into their genetic code for thousands of years some experts believe.

They let go of the romance, the passion and the intimacy of the marriage disintegrates.

"There is also spousal neglect, which basically means they don’t make each other a priority," Kramer said.

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