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Young's ID refers to the identity number used by William Young for the 'defender' in his book.

This database contains an index to people recorded in such sources, dating from 1628 to 1920.A "League of the Captains of Londonderry" was set up to guard the city, with the raising of nine companies of foot soldiers, each assigned with a particular section of the walls of Derry to repair and to defend.By April 1642 the city was close to starvation, with the rebel forces led by Sir Phelim O'Neill camped at Strabane.This is, in effect, a census of the walled city of Londonderry at the end of the 'Plantation' period.It is very noticeable that baptism, marriage and burial entries relating to many of these people are recorded in the registers of St. There was a considerable surge in support for William III, who reigned as King of England, Scotland and Ireland from 1689 until his death on 8 March 1702, following the exposure of a Jacobite plan to assassinate him in 1696.

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Biographical detail, where provided by Young, about a 'defender' and their planter origins in England, Scotland or Wales is inserted in the Remarks column.

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