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I know for sure that this could be done using python-librtmp (0.3.0) This is an old example.

For a script to work, it should have fresh data for a particular "No Mobile Feed" model: have discovered that so-called "No Mobile Feed" have camserv Thank you very much for your suggestion.

November 18, 2016 AM They seem to be sincerely treating Mohan Nirala as an espionage case and not an information-freedom rights defender.

There may be a couple layers of indirection here, or else other foreign powers are taking Russia's line and publicizing evidence of US government wrongdoing. --- International Symposium on Advanced Radio Technologies (ISART) 2016: Spectrum Forensics Panel topics covered “Prequel Tutorial: Spectrum Forensics Case Studies”, “Policy Considerations”, “Spectrum Monitoring – Purposeful Data Collection”, “Enabling Technologies and Standards”, and “Data Analytics”.

The "Policy Considerations" panel has a brief description that touches upon the increasing availability of inexpensive radios and code repositories, the existence of FCC and NTIA frameworks that could reduce harmful interference through legal and technical channels, and the development of new disciplines to identify interference and possibly prosecute offenders.

Sorry for playing a teacher here, but I've seen you (and others) doing this multiple times now and I just want to make sure that this doesn't become a place where code/log is regularly being shared externally or within pictures.

There are so-called "No Mobile Feed" models in the MFC that are exclusively tied to the rtmp protocol and currently almost all MFC Recoders avoid or record them.

Of course, they can be recorded but not using standard rtmpdump.exe, but using and most other systems that do not use standard

@beardypig @horacio9a If I want to play "No Mobile Feed" stream with vlc, does this command do the job? Ok, I installed rtmpdump, found out the playpath and cache_id (the other number? streamlink "rtmp:// Server playpath=mp4:mfc_125670731.f4v conn=["N:1510384536", "S:mp4:mfc_125670731.f4v", "N:25670731"]" best It didn't work without the slash either.

streamlink "rtmp:// Server playpath=vywvjnwtihktlhgymnsmaxhxecrnoykn conn=["N:438688409", "S:vywvjnwtihktlhgymnsmaxhxecrnoykn", "N:19149701"]" best I know how to find the server name and the model id but how do I find the playpath and the "N:438688409", "N:19149701"?

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