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since June but I’d lost some at the beginning of the year, so I’m sticking with my first wording choice), I’ve got to have a plan for what’s for lunch. In fact, Maris has been on the same track, independent of anything I’ve said!If I’m going to hit 10,000 steps a day, I’m going to have to make sure some stepping is happening every (waking) hour of the day. One more thing: maybe you’re not even coming to this in January. Maybe you’ve discovered the most important thing about resolutions: dates are more or less arbitrary, and today is the start of a fresh year to be unwrapped one day at a time, like a gift. The quote from has simply stirred me to something much like what Thomas Sauer wrote to us last year, about implementing systems instead of making goals, which was really inspired by someone else’s post, too.The Color of Crime: Rep For a different perspective: Adolf Hitler, The Greatest Story NEVER Told (watch parts 1-7 at minimum): and https://v=7m A0kk29DBA I see that nobody over there has bothered to look up the difference between a supremesist, a Nazi, or a nationalist yet.

In 2016, I suggested we walk free (of pointless activities, and too much content, and trying to be like anyone else) and pay it forward (by contributing to a collaborative project – and that was before Maris posted about them, so check out her post! ” And the year I started this, 2013 (wow time flies), I wanted to get more target language going, address my learners’ specific needs, try something new, and share the learning.I put on my Todoist a related to getting the living room painted: shopping for supplies, washing the wall, spackling something, removing the switch plates, etc.And so far, the biggest wall in the living room and the entire hall are fresh, new, spotless Comet Dust.It's become very tiresome to watch these words used interchangeably.Journalism in this country has corroded to such a pathetic level.

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