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This beautiful girl is the only girl in her group that is single.All her BFFs had already got themselves a boyfriend.Give the girl a new hair style by taking her to a virtual hairdressing salon.Give the girl a shampoo and conditioning and make her over.There are so many different ways you can cut and color your hair that you could never have time to try them all.In this free games arcade you get a chance to change the girl's hair color and style as if she was at a real hair salon.

Help me prepare from head to toe for a new date with my crush at a fancy restaurant giving me a fab Dating My Crush Makeover!You get a chance to use your imagination and creative skills to give someone a brand new look.Change the girl's hairstyles and give her long hair by adding extensions or cut short her hair to give her a bob.They felt sad for this girl and decided to setup a blind date! Have this girl a tour of the best makeover, makeup and a fit dress for her to get ready for this romantic event.She did not know that it is her crush to whom she will be dating!

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Or if you want to make her look more dramatic, put some smoky eye shadow on her and a dark lipstick.

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  1. He nurtured me, cooked for me, did my, I was not looking for a parent. Hi, I'm a 14 year old boy and want to get with an older guy. I really had to pee and when I was leaving the bathroom I saw his dad changing, he was around 38 6'4 very muscular and hairy his hair was starting...