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Once the shore of the Chickasaw Bluffs was paved with cobblestones in the 1800s, Memphis became a major center of commerce.And because of that, Memphis has finally decided on the preservation of the cobblestones to "..usability for boating and enjoyment of locals and visitors, because the landing symbolizes Memphis' history as a busy river port".There's been further deterioration as a result of erosion and settling.All of these problems can be solved by restoring the landing and preventing further deterioration.Rip-rap is also a trash-collector and this would be exposed 50% of the time, at low tide.This diagram shows a non-historical concrete walkway at the bottom of the cobblestones, and the rip-raf footing below that, which would prevent riverboats from coming up to the landing as they historically have."The main objection to the restoration plan seems to be the stone rip-rap or the "foot" at the bottom, designed to keep the stones from slipping into the water.It was unusually difficult, and virtually impossible during rainy periods.Once the Cobblestone Landing was completed, conditions were far more favorable to commerce, and Memphis Today, the historic cobblestones have fallen into disrepair.

The growth of the Island is narrowing the main channel.Rip-rap footing is a layer of jagged ruble-stones and is used for erosion control, NOT for boat landings.Any boater will tell you that you land on rip-rap at your own risk, because it can destroy the bottom of barges.Memphis was also the major slave port in the mid-south. He resumed the project in 1866 and completed it in 1881.The City originally hired paving contractor John Loudon to pave the wharf with limestone or granite between Adams and Beale, and to cover a width of 100 feet and length of 3,300 feet. Analysis of the stones on the Landing, suggest that portions of each of London's paving projects remains in place today.

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Europe wouldn't think about discontinuing their cobblestones. And you wouldn't expect to see concrete walkways over a sandy beach to make it easier to get to the water - so why add them over a cobblestone landing?

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