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Best known for his acerbic columns in the Spectator magazine and his prize-winning book on the Bloody Sunday inquiry, he has just hurled a literary hand grenade into the debate about immigration and identity in today’s Europe.

Indeed, the opening lines of his new book, The Strange Death Of Europe, could hardly be more incendiary.‘Europe is committing suicide,’ Murray writes.

A couple of days ago, I saw TV footage of the outspoken Labour MP Jess Phillips on the campaign trail, seeking re-election in her suburban Birmingham constituency.

She was asked which issues voters mentioned most often on the doorstep.

Between 19, for example, the last Labour government allowed a staggering 2.2 million people to settle in this country, the equivalent of two Birminghams.

Under David Cameron, the Tories promised to reduce immigration to the tens of thousands.

For most of our history, we have never been a nation of immigrants.

Even the most famous influx in our history, the Norman Conquest, involved a tiny population transfer, the equivalent of no more than 5 per cent or so.

As a result of their deluded utopianism, Murray thinks, Europe is ceasing to be Europe.Yet the latest figures show that annual net migration is about 273,000, roughly a city the size of Hull arriving every year.It is worth noting, by the way, that mass immigration has always been immensely unpopular.As much as the BBC and other news organisations like to pretend that Britain has always been a beacon of diversity, the plain fact is that until the mid-20th century the massive, overwhelming majority of the people who lived here had been born here.Look at photo after photo from late Victorian London and the uniformly pale faces stare back at you.

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They write as if ‘there is a hole at the heart of Europe which needs filling and without which we would otherwise be poorer’.(By the way, this is something they would never dream of saying about countries such as Bhutan or Burkina Faso.

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