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The model chose the Chateau Marmont for the location and hand-picked the musicians, her close friends Rain Phoenix and Frally Hynes of Venus and the Moon, and DJ Tennessee Thomas.

Fellow Brits Annabelle Wallis, Delevingne and Fuschia Kate Sumner were also in attendance.“There is a lot of individuality” to the Jo Malone London brand, Elson said.

He devoted a lot of time to working on piano technique.

"I spent maybe six months just running scales with a metronome like a freak," Folds said.

The group released several locally produced records.

Elson referred to many aspects of the brand as “quintessentially British,” specifically fragrance notes of bluebell that remind her of growing up and playing outdoors.She also mentioned the popular Red Roses perfume as well as the Orange Bitters scent in the holiday collection.“It’s very personal,” said Nashville-based Elson about the opportunity she has to collaborate with the brand.“I’ve worked with a lot of different companies, and this is by far the most personal relationship I’ve had with a beauty company in a very long time.” Elson’s personal style and creativity was on display at the Jo Malone London dinner last month.They recorded Shut Up and Listen to Majosha in 1989.It contains, among other tracks, the four songs from Party Night (remixed and/or re-recorded) and "Emaline" and "Video", which Folds would later record with Ben Folds Five.

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