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Apologies if you think my definition of free is defective, but you’re arguing over semantics and kind of missing the point.

What makes me angry about the Ad Block plugin is that the author – while happy to destroy our revenue stream – is also profiteering from the very same free content model by asking for Pay Pal donations when the plugin is installed. I understand that some adverts can be annoying – and we do try to remove any that auto-play a video or make noise on page load as soon as we identify them (contrary to popular belief, site owners do not choose the ads that get displayed, but we can kill them off if we find inappropriate or annoying ones, and we have requested that no such video ads be displayed as a general rule) – but the free content model is entirely what keeps the online world afloat.

From a user perspective, you’re going to find a whole host of features that don’t work as expected.

In an ideal world, websites would be able to degrade all of their advanced functionality to users without Javascript with some kind of no-JS alternative.

So even if a tracking script does follow some of your browsing habits, is it such a big deal?

At the very worst end of the scale (that is, not the ones that simply act like hit counters), they’re being used for what’s called a .

It tells you exactly what companies, ad networks, and tracking services are being downloaded from a site, and allows you to selectively enable them.

It presents users with 2 types of cookies (‘trackers’) – those downloaded directly from the site (such as Word Press remembering you’re logged in) – and so-called “3PES” – or third-party elements.

For those of you who don’t know, Ad Block silently removes all advertising and social buttons.

But the Internet has very much moved on and evolved from those early days. Moreover, Javascript is an integral component of modern HTML5 standards, and j Query – the most popular Javascript framework – has pushed forward web interfaces far, far beyond pages full of images, links and tables. So when you use No Script, you’re breaking the Internet.

Not only do you drag webpages 10 years into the past, but you prevent essential modern page components from loading – hit counters and such – which again, hurts our bottom line by not giving us an accurate picture of who visits our page; as well as obviously blocking ads.

In days gone by, Javascript was the bane of the Internet, along with flashing GIF’s.

Blocking Javascript used to make sense from both a safety standpoint (most browser vulnerabilities came through Javascript), and a usability perspective (Javascript was initially only used for silly effects and annoying tricks and popups).

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And just for the record, we won’t be locking you out of the site if you decide to not support us by removing ads.

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