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Iranian Federated Women's Club-A Bay Area educational and service organization involved in charitable endeavors.International campaign for the defense of Women's Right in Iran (ICDWRI)-Deals with the situation of women in Iran. International Campaign Against Sharia Court in Canada-Group seeks end to the Ontario Arbitration Act 1991 which allows family disputes be resolved by religious arbitrators.In conclusion, if you are experiencing extreme pain from your partner’s hidden sexual behaviors, you are not alone.There are hundreds of thousands of individuals suffering from untreated betrayal trauma. There is help available and people who understand what you are going through. Kevin Skinner is the co-founder of Bloom, an online company that provides support and learning for women struggling with betrayal trauma. Skinner has been helping individuals and families for over 18 years.I found out he has been doing this for most of our marriage.” I gently asked, “How is that influencing you?” She responded, “I can’t sleep, I can hardly eat, and I can’t think about anything else.

This group certifies therapists who specialize in treating betrayal trauma.In my research, I have discovered that most women wait for months or years to get help.They feel like others will judge them so they suffer in silence. Online Support Bloom–the world’s largest online support for betrayal trauma.In fact, many therapists were using the codependency model to treat these individuals.However, that wasn’t matching up with what I was experiencing in my clinic.

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