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Rents are the component of the consumer price basket which has the biggest impact on overall inflation.While recent newspaper reports and market figures reflect the uptrend in rents, the official statistics are suspiciously free of it. Consequently, official figures for the capital – and probably for Germany as a whole, if to a smaller extent – probably underestimate actual inflation.[more]With a growth rate of probably 2.3% in 2017, Germany delivered the main positive surprise in the industrial world.In 2018, German GDP looks set to expand by 2.3% again.However, the average car buyer currently does not play to the tune of regulatory policy and turns a cold shoulder on most alternative fuels.There are other climate policy instruments that outperform the CO₂ targets for passenger cars in terms of meeting the environmental targets and economic efficiency.The National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) in May 2015 published Standard Recommendation S. It reiterates the performance requirements outlined in the original National Annexes as well as including requirements relating to the number of de-sludgings carried out during the treatment efficiency test. This means that all Wastewater Treatment products have to be in compliance with S. Where manufacturers have a range of products claiming the same hydraulic/ treatment efficiency results, the certificates lists the plants in the range that meet the scaling rules outlined in S. Septic Tanks tested by a notified body to EN 12566 Part 1 - Pre-fabricated septic tanks, or Part 4 - septic tanks assembled insitu from prefabricated kits are listed with their certification displayed in a manner suitable for comparison with the requirements of S. It provides guidance on small wastewater treatment products tested to the European standard EN 12566 series for use in Ireland. In response to this and to ensure that appropriate certification is available to show compliance with S. Further information on Small Wastewater Treatment systems for Ireland can be found on the » Departments website and from the » Environmental Protection Agency’s website. Technical details concerning the installation, maintenance and operation can be found in the manufaturers instructions, they cannot be derived from the information on the certificates. The listed certificates replace neither the declaration of conformity nor the CE marking. List of certificates in accordance to Part 1/4 and S.

One reason for this frustration is the increasing complexity of political issues.Balance sheet size and risk-weighted assets have declined, underscoring the continuing lack of growth momentum in the industry.This might change somewhat next year, as European banks could benefit from the strong performance of the economy via a pickup in lending, which so far has remained sluggish.The strong focus on anchoring any further integration of the Monetary Union - such as the reform of the ESM and the introduction of a Eurozone budget - in the institutional framework also illustrates the wariness in Brussels of being sidelined in its fiscal competencies and to allow the euro area to further develop on its own.[more]We have lifted our GDP forecasts for 20 about half a point to 2.3%, as capex is boosted by an improved export outlook, which in turn is driven by the global capex cycle.

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Unsurprisingly, most of the regions with strong separatist tendencies are amongst the wealthiest in their respective countries.

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