Labor cost updating jepp charts

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Q – This is a bit out of your normal range of questions but wondering if you might help me with a recommendation on an issue of personal security.

As I write this it looks like the US is moving the Israeli capital to Jerusalem and I am headed to visit several parts of the middle east, including Iran, where protests could be an issue.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of travel sites do everything possible to insult your intelligence. You don’t want to exchange e-mails or have a salesman call you.I also have to meet with manufacturers in India and China, not always in the best of locations.Any hotels you might avoid and any recommendation as to whether or not I should plan on purchasing a satellite phone just in case internet is disrupted.Wondering if you are still suggesting that it is really dangerous to drink coffee aboard an aircraft.If there was an issue – it would seem like the airlines would have fixed it by now.

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