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Age-ta , — ski) 一 nu f 一 ki, — tsu, — nuru , agetakke , I have raised. Imperative, Conditional, ” past, Conjunctive, ” past, Concessive, Afferu , raising, raise.

Mite mo yoi Jca , Ko sliite wa waruiy Ilashi wo icatatte muyo y Hon wo shimatte oite icci mushi ga kii , Ame gci futte hiru , Wata Jcus/u no me wo mite kudasare, Sonna koto wa utchatte oile Jcamai-nasaru na, it is disagreeably cold, may I look at it? Indefinite pronouns are, Nanigashi^ soregashi y saru^ aru 9 amiwa • also fomed by demo ; as, nani-demo 9 dure-demo^ do-demo^ idzure-demo, dochira-demo. ii yomureru Jion, a book which is read (or can be read) by men. Distributive pronouns are, Ono-ono, mei-mei\ men-men, idzure-mo, doc/iira-mo, mina-mina. ^ Hito 7ii yomareia hon, a book which has been read by men. They are divided into transi- tive, intransitive, causative, passive or potential, arid negative forms. Mado Jcara tobi-dete dorolo wo tsu Jcamaye jumping out of the window, he seized the yahmin ni watashimashita y thief and handed him over to the ofl Scer. Micld wo Idkela yokattak Jce, Mireba miru hodo omoshiroi , llayahu yu Jcela n, liana ga sakeba kiyalcu ga mi ni kuru, Kaze no fulcu Id ni June ni noreba abwicti, Zen wo tsumazareba na wo nasu ni itaradzu, it would . when (you) know a thing to be right do it quickly : when ( you ) know it to be wrong promptly correct it. Tlito ga Icilcu to mo hachulcashii koto tva even if people should hear (it) there is nuiy nothing to be ashamed of. jv/ama$u y even if it rains I am going (or sh«all go) without minding it. I think (you) will be pleased when (you) have heard a lecture upon this book, if the wind blows the flowers will bo scattered.

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