Personal ads married women dating

I sympathize over the ugliness toward you, not cool.

But you say "Women actually read the men's personals, and are actually looking for something specific." This is hogwash.

Meanwhile, a guy I work with has been placing ad after ad (all of them pretty well-written, I think) and he's gotten very few responses. They have a set intro story that they send (the same one) to each and every ad they come across - then if they get a response, they ask for a picture of you.

They figure, if they send a reply to 50 ads, there is bound to be at lest two-three who respond.

I have heard this EXACT same story for a number of women. Der erste Kontakt sollte über meine Cousine erfolgen, die verheiratet ist und in der Nähe von Köln wohnt.Meine Daten Größe: 153 Gewicht: 53 Sternzeichen: Wassermann Beruf: Hausfrau Sprachen: Thai Kinder: 1 Hobbys: Kochen Musik Singen Karaoke Looking for: good man 45-65 who look for merry Height: 177 cm Weight: 80 kg Children: 1 age 10 Work: Goverment job Languages: thai english Hobbies: Family Activities Take a weekend vacation like a movie, music, outdoor activities, adventures, adventure, sea, mountains, waterfalls, climbing, climbing cliffs, reading books, read all the content.Another reason why men will respond is called opportunity. then when you contact them, or they contact you, you find out that they in fact do NOTHING they mentioned on their profile. I wish I had a dime for all the times the guy tried to turn a conversation into something sexual, or try to learn sexual things about me.this "grandpa" guy obviosly sounded like a creep anyway and you wouldn't have wanted to get to know him anyway!

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