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Winter months are usually dry, with little to no rainfall. The average annual temperature is 28.5 C and annual rain fall is about 905 mm.

Rain storms and cyclones are common in the region during the rainy season, which starts with the monsoons in early June.

It is considered one of the most famous temples in the city.

It is said that Agastya built the temple in the last Treta Yuga around the swayambhu linga and hence it has this name.

The Krishna delta lies partly in the Guntur district.The 'Nagas' were said to have ruled the region at that time.The region has been historically known for Buddhism and the first Kalachakra ceremony performed by Gautama Buddha himself.It is situated on the plains at a distance of 40 miles (64 km) to north of the Bay of Bengal.The city is the third most populous settlement in the state with a population of 743,654 as per 2011 census of India The earliest reference to the present name of the city can be dated back to the period of Ammaraja–I (922-929 CE), the Vengi Eastern Chalukyan King.

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At the end of one year, all elderly members of the deceased person gather once again for the Shraad ceremony.

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