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I'm hoping for a nice woody dry down that shows some of the base notes a bit better.

TF are not bad fragrance but it is not something that i will have every day,,,maybe once in a month just for change as it more UNISEX fragrance then MEN's..about 6-8h but price is over the roof for 50ml bottle...

Smell 8/10 Long 8/10 (on clothing) Sillage 9/10 (all i need, within arms reach) The frageance overall does not smell cheap or feel to worn out. Iris and patchouli are really the main players here with the amber to round out the base. It smells ok but after 8 minutes I can smell the bones in my wrist more than I can smell this fragrance.

I'm not sure if some of the newer bottles have been reformulated, but my bottle from 3 years ago is really a strong performer. Projection is super strong for the first hour, then still pretty strong for the next 4-5 hours. I blind bought a full bottle for a relatively low price so I'll just do 20 sprays each time I use it until it's gone. the type of confident that may seem a bit impolite sometimes. The smell is very manly yet it reminds you of women.

If you look at the notes, and have the cognitive ability of toddler, then you will understand what I mean. I think Extreme actually stands for "I'm EXTREMELY sorry i did this to you". About the way it smells, for me, Tom Ford Noir is a Dior Homme Intense with incense notes. It's a shame because I enjoy more "feminine" masculine scents and this is a good composition. It's a pleasant barbershop powder vs a baby powder, but the powder is prominent and lingers all day.

For #*[email protected] sakes man..smells like a cat pissed on a bouquet of exotic flowers and you were too cheap to buy a new one so you sprayed some perfume that has amber, patchouli and vanilla. Why did you make men smell like a russian 60 year old hooker from the bronx! I also get a vanilla/brown sugar note that comes through which makes the powdery note a bit sweeter.

I could definitely see this fragrance on a confident woman who is out at night. I really want to like this one, but getting past the "baby powder" opening is really tough for me.

This reminds me a lot of Burberry Brit for men....maybe not in comparing the notes, but definitely that powder that just lingers all day.

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One-half hour later it struck an attempt to duplicate Habit Rouge EDP...I sense it...rose, vanilla, citrus.. That's Tom Ford, right there, because he really SHIT THE BED with this one! There are some florals, powder, a bit of an animalic leather and a touch of sweetness. Only lasted a couple of hours on me before becoming soft. It's a little sexy but would be okay at work since it's soft. I live in Norway where the seasons are very different from each other, and this is the only perfume I feel I can use at all times, every day.

Since I've owned Habit Rouge in the past and found it to be an intriguing fragrance begging for the proper scenario in which to be worn (possibly a morning in court defending your client? I have higher hopes for the Extreme flanker...maybe.... I am in no way a frag snob and this is ny only bad review but... Thankfully, NOIR EXTREME served as redemption to this atrocious mess of a frag. There are fragrances under 10 euros that persist longer! This is a nice, unisex, maybe feminine scent but too pricey for such weak performance. UPDATE: Been wearing this all day now, definitely too much powder.

Lasting power over 10 hours and that's whith a shower. A little to sweet according to me, but i do receive compliments almost every time i wear it.

Projection is one of the best in my colection,one small spray and wifey can smell it from the kitchen. Almost all fragrances seems to disappear on my skin but when i apply this on clothing it stays all day. This is a mature, classy fragrance, best suited for office in the cooler months.

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Top notes: Italian bergamot, verbena, caraway, baie rose (pink pepper), violet flower. It strikes me as a close relative to another divisive one, Midnight in Paris - the primary differences being that dominant lush patchouli, the leather being toned down to more of a supporting role, and the nice pepper blend that tickles the senses on the boundaries.

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