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Their inaccessible fantasy realm has become every wealthy man’s reality. It’s easy to regard these mistresses as prostitutes or escorts ...

Despite being married with kids, successful men want to have cake and eat it too. until you consider that every sexual relationship has an economic component.

some people call it a glow, some people call it smiling from the inside but by the end of the conversation, he told me i was in love and all i wanted to do was cry. i have no room for love, i literally have no space in my schedule for it, i checked. i'm not sure what that adds to the conversation but i know it adds something.

I did many things and had many things happen to me. however, i do believe that we give off emotions and feelings that we would rather not discuss.

More men had bigger wallets, so a sugar daddy could be any well-to-do man. While people wonder if the sugar babies have been coerced into such relationships, given the power dynamics, they’re willing participants in all of this.

But lately, such relationships are no longer reserved for the Hugh Hefners of the world. These women are basically willing to “sell” themselves for material goods, designer labels and a lifestyle they think everyone envies.

i don't know but here's something i do want to know. i've given more of myself to it than i anticipated and for the most part, i'm ok with that.

and do i even believe in love anymore or do i believe in the strategic placement of two people in one another's lives making a decision to only entertain each other?

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